Which one is Better Government or Private Childcare in Singapore

Idea of Childcare Centers at Workplaces

The idea of building childcare centers at workplaces is a great initiative and is really very beneficial for both the married employees and for the organization. Because the parents, who are either single working women or a working couple, do need to take care of their children at home also. Childcare at office or workplaces makes the working parents relax because they can see and meet their children at any time while at work. This also increase the employee’s performance and encourages him or her to work with more interest and enthusiasm for the growth of the company business. Childcares at workplaces helped a lot to the people who could not leave their children alone at home or some other place while they go on work. Such step from government and private organizations is creating a good working environment and is building trust and good relations between the management and employees.

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Growing Trend of Childcare Centers at Workplaces in Singapore

There are 470 childcare centers in workplaces, including in commercial and government buildings and industrial estates – a rise of about 80 per cent from five years ago. Read more here!

Singapore is a leading country in developing childcares and preschools at workplaces where the children can join their working parents. It is roughly estimated that from both government and private sector centres, there are almost 470 childcare centers at workplaces in Singapore which is almost 80% increase in past 5 years. The researchers found that the organizations that are offering childcare support at workplace saw a significant decrease in staff turnover rates and nonattendance, increased output and more women getting endorsed to leadership positions in the organizations. To meet the increasing need of pre-schools and childcares at workplaces, the Singapore government started building more such centers in both government and private organizations which will surely add benefit to the growth of the country.

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Which one is Best, Government or Private Childcare in Singapore?

Raising a child in Singapore is somewhat like a marathon in which you have to adopt the mindset of a sprinter. Read more here!

No doubt, it is very difficult for an average income person to grow his child in very good environment and can provide the best care. It is only possible with the help of Government Childcare centers in Singapore. Because these charge less monthly fees than those of the Private childcares. You can have all the similar facilities in government childcares, in almost half price to that of the private ones. Through this way people can save a good amount for children’s good higher education i.e. for giving him good college and university education. Government childcares in Singapore are really helping very much to the middle class and low income parents to grow their children in good environment and provide them quality education by doing some savings.

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Singapore is to create 40,000 more Pre-schools in Next 5 years

SINGAPORE: An additional 40,000 pre-school places will be created in the next five years, particularly for children up to four years old, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced on Sunday (Aug 20). Read more here!

A country like Singapore better knows that how to support the people living in the country both morally and economically. This step of creating more pre-schools in Singapore by P.M Lee Hsien Loong was praised and welcomed by the people living in there. With this increase of 40,000 pre-schools the number of pre-schools in Singapore will reach to 200,000 up to 2022. P.M was curious about the future of the little kids and as per his words, ‘at an early age, there are specific windows in a child’s development, and you must catch that window, or you’ll miss it’ therefore, the government decided will create more no. of pre-schools specifically for children who are up to four years old and where the shortage of places is most acute.


Conclusion of this whole this discussion is that Singapore is a leading country in Asia for creating more number of Pre-schools and Childcares at workplaces. Also, the Singaporean Government is supporting its people morally and economically and helping them getting their children good care and better education. Because better care and education can grant them a bright future ahead.

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