What features should you look for in an international school?

When we are seeking admission to an international school, there are various ways that help us in gathering information so as to aid us in making the right choice. One of the first steps taken by the parents is to check the school’s website. In this era of internet, schools make sure that they publish a lot of information on their website. However, there is no doubt that visiting the school is the best way to know if it is the right one. It is not always possible, however, to be physically present to check an international school due to geographical constraints. You can almost always reach out to such schools via emails and they are happy to answer your queries.

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Below are some key points that you should consider when looking to apply to Singapore international school.

1. The type of curriculum that the school offers and the basis of assessment of students
When looking for an international school, it is vital to know the curriculum that the school follows. Schools worldwide may have their own approaches regarding this. In many cases, the curriculum of the school matches that of the particular country, but with added local features. For instance, the curriculum of Singapore may match those of Thailand, but the local culture classes would also feature. It is also up to the school to create their curriculum based on the various aspects and styles.

There are different ways to assess students in different schools. Some teachers believe in regularly checking the progress of the students. This helps them to devise methods to help the students improve in different areas. There are some other schools that do not open up about their methods of assessment and results. This should trigger a warning sign in the parents.

2. The teaching staff
An attractive and well-maintained campus should not be the only incentives to choose the school. Well-qualified and trained teachers play an integral part in shaping up your career. You can find out more about the staff in the school websites. Schools often feature a photo gallery on their websites with the pictures and details of the teachers. Some schools also add extra details such as their qualifications, experience, etc. There are also some schools that provide little to no information about their teaching staff. Before you finalise a school, make sure to have full details about the teaching staff and their retention.

3. Accredited schools
It is a good sign for schools to be accredited by reputable international agencies. The accreditation process is quite significant since it lays out a detailed analysis of whether the schools do what they claim to do and usually, a team of qualified inspectors come to check the school.

4. Governing of the school
A large number of international schools are privately owned, often by people with little to no experience of how to organize and maintain a school. There are many schools that do not have a governing body or a board of directors. A government body is present in reputable schools. You can find details about the governing body in the school websites; if it is not given, it is always a good idea to ask the administration about it.

5. Facilities and Resources
When looking for an international school, it is vital to know if the school has adequate resources and facilities to aid the students or not. Reasonably sized classes that are not too suffocative, good teachers that are helpful and knowledgeable and enough teaching resources are vital in making sure that the students have a great learning experience. In addition to that, extra facilities such as a swimming pool, playing fields and multi-purpose theatre all help make the school life enjoyable.

These are some of the vital points that are crucial to choosing the right international school. A good research beforehand can help you a lot in making the right choice.

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