How to Help Your Little One Develop Language Skills

The first few years of a child‘s life are crucial for the development of language, speech ability and cognitive skills. It is important for parents to create an environment that can help in developing speech and give them all the simulation and human contact that they need. Adults do not need any special training to be able to provide language skills to their toddler. There are just few simple steps that you need to follow.

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Talking is the key
You can start talking to them about their day. Conversations like “How you are feeling. How is the day? Or simply just tell that, “We will go for a walk today” will encourage them to share. Start with something that interests them. Also you can help them with talking about what you are doing or what they are doing. Talk about things surrounding them like talking about shapes, colors and pictures. Telling stories is also one of the great ways to learn language skills.

Be interactive and give response
While you are interacting with your child, you are in a way helping the child to communicate better. Listening to them carefully and giving response can encourage a child to speak and communicate freely whenever they want. Listening and responding give them a sense of security and the child will become more open to its environment, helping them to learn fast.

Indulge into interactive games
There are lots of games available that can help in speech and language development. Learning does not have to be done in a structured environment. You can do it in a park or while driving to your groceries store. Make sure you emphasize on language. It also helps in developing social skills like taking and giving chances. You can also use toys, music or poems to build their communication skills.

Do not criticize
Never criticize or scold your child’s speech pattern. Instead, repeat their statement back to them and correct the pronunciation. Criticism never works for the child development, it hampers the ability to learn and grow. They lose their confidence level and affect their public speaking ability. Make sure you praise your child for their efforts; you can reward them by taking them to their favourite place.

Language and communication skills help in learning and developing other languages also. It helps a child to be more expressive and help them to understand others as well while using words, expression and gestures. But you should also keep in mind that every child is different and takes their own time to lean, for that you need to be patient. Play group Singapore have also provided various activities that help children to develop language skills.

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