How to Help Your Kids Settle into an International School in Singapore

Did you recently move to Singapore? Did you enroll your child in an international school? Do you want to help you kid settle in quicker? If you answered yes to all three questions, then this article is for you.

Moving to a new country is a wonderful experience, as you will meet new people and experience new cultures and have better job opportunities. That said, you need to keep in mind that settling down in a new school is not always going to be smooth sailing and all sunshine and rainbows. You are going to have to scale through some challenges. For example, you may struggle to speak the local language of the country you move to or find it difficult for your kid settling into the international school you enrolled him in.

The bottom line is that the emotional upheaval associated with moving to a new country can be unsettling, to say the least, even for a veteran expat. It can be even more distressing for little kids as they may struggle to make friends and get along with the kids in their new school.

You don’t have to worry much, because Singapore is quite expat dense, this means that there are a lot of expat parents just like you, looking for ways to help their kids settle in quicker. Over the years, many international schools in Singapore have figured out strategic ways to help students from other countries feel at home and make friends. Even at that, it is still important that you take some steps to help speed up the settling- in process.

Below are a few of them:

Buddy system

Contact the new school and ask them about the systems they have in place to help new students. Find out if they have a buddy system, and if you can talk to the principal of the school or the teacher of your child’s class to find out more about the class and the school. Why doing this might be challenging, it will put you in a better position to know if the school you enrolled your child will be able to make him feel at home while catering to his academic needs.


The is likely the most effective way to help your kid settle in. if he can make friends with one, two or everybody in his class the following may happen:

  • He will become confident in his ability to make friends in unfamiliar places
  • His anxieties and fears will vanish

So, head out with your child to the playground in the school you plan to enroll him in so he can start making friends.

Online Forums and Groups

Since you are still settling in, it may be difficult for you to find get-togethers were expat parents and kids hang out and have fun. The easiest way to go about finding it is by doing some research online and visiting popular social media platforms to find a good group or a forum for expatriates.

Explore the country

There are a lot of interesting things you can do and places you can visit that can put a smile on your child’s face. You can choose to visit the zoo and other fabulous places. This will not only reduce your child’s stress level but will also help him see Singapore as his new home.

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