How expats can choose the best school for their child

When you are moving to another country, with your family, one of the things you would be worried about would be the education of your child. You typically want to ensure that the child’s education is not disrupted. They should not feel alienated in the classroom due to cultural or other differences with their peers. The child should be able to have familiar foods and choose from different extracurricular activities. to ensure that you choose the right school, you need to consider the following factors.

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Duration of stay

If you don’t plan to stay too long, a local school could be an option to consider. However, if you plan to stay long-term, an international school can be the right choice. In particular, if your child wants to prepare for higher education, an international school offers the right support and training. Younger children may find it easier to adapt to a new culture, but older children can find this difficult, and they also feel the pressure of the new schooling system more keenly. Parents who are particularly concerned about the needs of younger children, such as food, may also prefer to go to an international school in Singapore.


If you plan to relocate to another country, and not to your home country, or a country that your child is more familiar with, you might find that an international school in Singapore creates less disruption in their education. Since international schools everywhere follow relatively similar curriculums, it is easier for your child to continue their education in another international school, even if you move to another, completely unfamiliar country. This is why many expats end up selecting international schools for their children. Whether you feel language to be a barrier to education or the classroom setup, an international school is a solution to your difficulties.


While international schools do charge more fees, this is completely in keeping with the facilities they offer. Starting from highly trained teachers to air-conditioned classrooms, these schools are geared at fulfilling all your child’s needs. Expats find the higher fees to be worth it. Also, the schools offer similar community support for the children as well as the parents, in that they can find friends among the other parents whose children study there. That said, if you still feel that the fees would come in the way of education for your child, you can look at options such as the competent local schools in Singapore.

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