All You Need to Know About the International School System in Singapore

The international school terrain in Singapore is changing rapidly. More and more Singaporeans and expat parents are turning to them because of their all-around curriculum and a few other factors. That said, before you send your kid to one, it is important that you learn as much as you can about how they operate, their teaching standards, their tuition and so on. Doing this, will help you determine if they will be a good fit for your kid.

In this article, we will be looking at some important things you need to know about the international school system in Singapore.

Can local children attend international school?

Local kids in their primary level are not allowed to attend an international school in Singapore unless their parents have returned after working overseas for more than two years or they have an international passport.

This means, therefore, that the major percentage of kids in international schools especially at the primary level, are foreign students.

Why the numbers of international schools in Singapore are increasing drastically?

Over the last couple of years, many international schools have taken center stage in the academic space in Singapore. As the percentage of expat parents increases in Singapore, there is surely going to be an increase in the number of students who attends these schools.

As you probably guessed, international schools are a dominant choice for expatriate parents in Singapore. But presently, many Singaporean parents are enrolling their kids in them because they have a very good record and a high standing position in the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) program for International Student Assessment ranking. The PISA results for 2015, show that students in international schools do exceptionally well in mathematics, science, and reading.

International school curriculum

A good number of international schools in Singapore have been lauded by educational enthusiasts from different parts of the world because of their all-round approach to the academic performance of their students and character development programs. Their curriculum is tailored to addressing the needs of international students. They also offer academic qualifications that are recognized by top colleges in different parts of the world.

Their approach combines a Western understanding of child development with an Eastern academic rigor which will go a long way in helping kids reach their full potential while developing essential attributes like good manners and politeness.

The future of international schools

In response to the increase in the population of expats in Singapore, the government has approved 3 new buildings for international schools’ system. Popular international schools like Nexus international school have made solid plans to increase their student intake from 900 to 2,000. EtonHouse, which is another reputable international school, is also making plans to increase its student intake. 

Final note

These are just a handful of some things you need to know about the international school system in Singapore. Of course, there are more. To learn about them, you may have to do deep and extensive research.

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How to Help Your Kids Settle into an International School in Singapore

Did you recently move to Singapore? Did you enroll your child in an international school? Do you want to help you kid settle in quicker? If you answered yes to all three questions, then this article is for you.

Moving to a new country is a wonderful experience, as you will meet new people and experience new cultures and have better job opportunities. That said, you need to keep in mind that settling down in a new school is not always going to be smooth sailing and all sunshine and rainbows. You are going to have to scale through some challenges. For example, you may struggle to speak the local language of the country you move to or find it difficult for your kid settling into the international school you enrolled him in.

The bottom line is that the emotional upheaval associated with moving to a new country can be unsettling, to say the least, even for a veteran expat. It can be even more distressing for little kids as they may struggle to make friends and get along with the kids in their new school.

You don’t have to worry much, because Singapore is quite expat dense, this means that there are a lot of expat parents just like you, looking for ways to help their kids settle in quicker. Over the years, many international schools in Singapore have figured out strategic ways to help students from other countries feel at home and make friends. Even at that, it is still important that you take some steps to help speed up the settling- in process.

Below are a few of them:

Buddy system

Contact the new school and ask them about the systems they have in place to help new students. Find out if they have a buddy system, and if you can talk to the principal of the school or the teacher of your child’s class to find out more about the class and the school. Why doing this might be challenging, it will put you in a better position to know if the school you enrolled your child will be able to make him feel at home while catering to his academic needs.


The is likely the most effective way to help your kid settle in. if he can make friends with one, two or everybody in his class the following may happen:

  • He will become confident in his ability to make friends in unfamiliar places
  • His anxieties and fears will vanish

So, head out with your child to the playground in the school you plan to enroll him in so he can start making friends.

Online Forums and Groups

Since you are still settling in, it may be difficult for you to find get-togethers were expat parents and kids hang out and have fun. The easiest way to go about finding it is by doing some research online and visiting popular social media platforms to find a good group or a forum for expatriates.

Explore the country

There are a lot of interesting things you can do and places you can visit that can put a smile on your child’s face. You can choose to visit the zoo and other fabulous places. This will not only reduce your child’s stress level but will also help him see Singapore as his new home.

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4 Factors Expat Parents Should Consider when Choosing an International School in Singapore

More and more expat parents in Singapore are enrolling their children in international schools despite their cutthroat tuition fees. The obvious reason for this is that international schools have high teaching standards, all round curriculum that encourages creativity, and experienced teachers who are trained to impart knowledge in a fun and exciting way.

Singapore is home to a handful of international schools that have been lauded by many parents within and outside Singapore. Over the years, they have helped a lot of students reach their full potential and become a better version of themselves. Since they were able to help a lot of kids, chances are they will be able to help your child as well. This, of course, does not mean that you should opt for any international school or the closest one to your home or workplace.

To narrow down a good international school, there are some important factors you must consider, below are a few of them:


With the prevalence of school buses, many parents in Singapore don’t really care much of the location of the school they are sending their children. You shouldn’t do the same especially if you are an expat. It is always best to choose a school that is close to your home or workplace, this way, you will be able to walk your kids to school and pick them up with ease. One of the main perks of choosing a school that is close to your home is that it will be easier for you to attend award ceremonies and parent-teacher meetings.


This is a very important factor that you should give careful attention to regardless of the school you are opting for, and for good reasons. It is easy to assume that the curriculum of most international schools in Singapore is well rounded and great. But if you take a close look at them you may be surprised to see that some of them may not suit the needs of your child. So, before making a final decision, it is important that you visit the school in person to learn about their curriculum and ask any question you may have.


The tuition of most international schools in Singapore may keep you awake all night. That said, you need to keep in mind that not all international school have super expensive tuition. There are a few highly rated international schools in Singapore with a reasonable tuition fee.

Special needs

If your kid has a specific educational need, then this should be your main concern when choosing a school. Thankfully, some of the international schools in Singapore have tools, systems, and strategies to help kids with special needs.

Final note

These are just a handful of some things you must give careful consideration to when choosing an international school in Singapore. Considering these factors will put you in a better position to narrow down a good school that will suit the needs of your child.

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Why you should enroll your child in an international school in Singapore

You definitely want the very best for you child and at that, you are ready to do whatever it takes to give your child a head start in life. The school you enroll your child will determine to a large extent his academic performance, social skill and so on.

Choosing a school for your child in Singapore is indeed a daunting task because there are so many schools to choose from. Enrolling your child into a local school is not really a good idea, especially if you want him to learn faster and develop quickly. The best option, therefore, is to enroll your child in an international school in Singapore.

If you are serious about your child adapting and excelling in Singapore’s education system, you should check out GESS private kindergarten Singapore. They offer a wide range of programmes, such as the IB diploma, and cater from kindergarten to high school. For a holistic international education, you should check out GESS at

The following article by Expat living shed light on the international schools in Singapore.

International schools in Singapore: Huge Guide 2014

For many of us, selecting the right school for our children is, after choosing where to live, the most important decision we have to make when moving to a new country. In Singapore, there’s a wide choice of international schools, most of which offer a multicultural environment, with students from a diverse range of backgrounds and countries. Add to this a wide variety of curriculums, from single-country programmes to the International Baccalaureate and International Primary Curriculum, and there’s not much more that a parent could wish for. Read more here.

You definitely now know a thing or two about the international schools in Singapore and you likely may be considering enrolling your child into one of them. That said, you may be wondering what your child is going to learn when you enroll him in an international school.

The following article by Georgina Hockley shed light on the curriculum of international schools in Singapore.

Guide to international school Curriculums in Singapore: we explain the IB, IGCSE, Montessori and more.

Whether you are choosing an International School in Singapore for the first time or just looking to move your child to a new school, one thing’s for sure, the variety of school curricula – and just the tongue-tripping acronyms – can be confusing. You’ve probably already checked out our handy article and infographic on what it really costs to send your kids to international school in Singapore, so you are already ahead of the curve. Read more here.

You likely now know what your child is going to learn when you enroll him in an international school. But, do you know what your child is going to enjoy when you enroll him in an international school?

The following article by acs-schools unveils the benefits your child is going to enjoy when you enroll him in an international school.

Benefits of international schooling

Over 50% of international assignees relocate with children, and one of their biggest concerns is how an overseas move might affect their children’s education and longer-term career prospects. Read more here.

Final note

There are a lot of international schools in Singapore, choosing the one that will be able to address your child’s needs can be very difficult. Carefully considering the curriculum of the international school you plan to enroll your child into will help you determine if they will be able to handle the needs of your child or not. After you have successfully enrolled your child in an international school, your child is going to develop at a very fast rate and ultimately reach his full potential.


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What features should you look for in an international school?

When we are seeking admission to an international school, there are various ways that help us in gathering information so as to aid us in making the right choice. One of the first steps taken by the parents is to check the school’s website. In this era of internet, schools make sure that they publish a lot of information on their website. However, there is no doubt that visiting the school is the best way to know if it is the right one. It is not always possible, however, to be physically present to check an international school due to geographical constraints. You can almost always reach out to such schools via emails and they are happy to answer your queries.

If you are serious about the education of your child, you should check out IB international school Singapore.

Below are some key points that you should consider when looking to apply to Singapore international school.

1. The type of curriculum that the school offers and the basis of assessment of students
When looking for an international school, it is vital to know the curriculum that the school follows. Schools worldwide may have their own approaches regarding this. In many cases, the curriculum of the school matches that of the particular country, but with added local features. For instance, the curriculum of Singapore may match those of Thailand, but the local culture classes would also feature. It is also up to the school to create their curriculum based on the various aspects and styles.

There are different ways to assess students in different schools. Some teachers believe in regularly checking the progress of the students. This helps them to devise methods to help the students improve in different areas. There are some other schools that do not open up about their methods of assessment and results. This should trigger a warning sign in the parents.

2. The teaching staff
An attractive and well-maintained campus should not be the only incentives to choose the school. Well-qualified and trained teachers play an integral part in shaping up your career. You can find out more about the staff in the school websites. Schools often feature a photo gallery on their websites with the pictures and details of the teachers. Some schools also add extra details such as their qualifications, experience, etc. There are also some schools that provide little to no information about their teaching staff. Before you finalise a school, make sure to have full details about the teaching staff and their retention.

3. Accredited schools
It is a good sign for schools to be accredited by reputable international agencies. The accreditation process is quite significant since it lays out a detailed analysis of whether the schools do what they claim to do and usually, a team of qualified inspectors come to check the school.

4. Governing of the school
A large number of international schools are privately owned, often by people with little to no experience of how to organize and maintain a school. There are many schools that do not have a governing body or a board of directors. A government body is present in reputable schools. You can find details about the governing body in the school websites; if it is not given, it is always a good idea to ask the administration about it.

5. Facilities and Resources
When looking for an international school, it is vital to know if the school has adequate resources and facilities to aid the students or not. Reasonably sized classes that are not too suffocative, good teachers that are helpful and knowledgeable and enough teaching resources are vital in making sure that the students have a great learning experience. In addition to that, extra facilities such as a swimming pool, playing fields and multi-purpose theatre all help make the school life enjoyable.

These are some of the vital points that are crucial to choosing the right international school. A good research beforehand can help you a lot in making the right choice.

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How expats can choose the best school for their child

When you are moving to another country, with your family, one of the things you would be worried about would be the education of your child. You typically want to ensure that the child’s education is not disrupted. They should not feel alienated in the classroom due to cultural or other differences with their peers. The child should be able to have familiar foods and choose from different extracurricular activities. to ensure that you choose the right school, you need to consider the following factors.

If you are serious about the education of your child, you should check out one of the top IB school in singapore here.

Duration of stay

If you don’t plan to stay too long, a local school could be an option to consider. However, if you plan to stay long-term, an international school can be the right choice. In particular, if your child wants to prepare for higher education, an international school offers the right support and training. Younger children may find it easier to adapt to a new culture, but older children can find this difficult, and they also feel the pressure of the new schooling system more keenly. Parents who are particularly concerned about the needs of younger children, such as food, may also prefer to go to an international school in Singapore.


If you plan to relocate to another country, and not to your home country, or a country that your child is more familiar with, you might find that an international school in Singapore creates less disruption in their education. Since international schools everywhere follow relatively similar curriculums, it is easier for your child to continue their education in another international school, even if you move to another, completely unfamiliar country. This is why many expats end up selecting international schools for their children. Whether you feel language to be a barrier to education or the classroom setup, an international school is a solution to your difficulties.


While international schools do charge more fees, this is completely in keeping with the facilities they offer. Starting from highly trained teachers to air-conditioned classrooms, these schools are geared at fulfilling all your child’s needs. Expats find the higher fees to be worth it. Also, the schools offer similar community support for the children as well as the parents, in that they can find friends among the other parents whose children study there. That said, if you still feel that the fees would come in the way of education for your child, you can look at options such as the competent local schools in Singapore.

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A Sneak Peek at What Your Child will Learn In An International Kindergarten

The early stage of a child’s life is full of excitement. Enrolling in an international kindergarten school in Singapore is an impressive milestone for your child. You see, kindergarten school is a solid foundation which a child will build on as he grows up.

But during the kindergarten years of a child, parents are usually concerned as to what their child will have to learn and master as well as how they can help their child develop much quicker.

When you child official starts going to a school, you are going to be amazed as to how much he will grow and improve in the coming month. But in the initial stages of your child kindergarten program, it is going to be a challenge for you to teach your child about how he can build confidence, follow instructions and make friends. If you are able to handle this challenge head on, you will be delighted to watch as your child’s vocabulary, social and math skill improve.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the things your child is likely to learn during kindergarten as well as things you could do at home to further develop your child academically.


During kindergarten, your child will learn how to write the alphabets in upper as well as lower case. Also, they will be taught the right sounds for each of the letters of the alphabet. Even more, they will learn to identify and read 2 and 3 letter words which are also known as sigh words.

To make things stick, parents should read out loud to their child. Doing this will build a strong bond between a parent and a child.

When choosing a book, parents should consult a librarian to suggest books that are not too difficult to understand and will stir up their emotions. It might interest you to know that children learn best through repetition; so, when you read a book frequently, your child will get accustomed to certain words. The next course of action will be to make your child say those words when he sees it anywhere.


At school, your child will be thought about the vowels and consonant sounds. Later they go on to learn how to write very simple and short sentences.

When your child is home, give him a box that is filled with materials for writing such as paper, crayons, marker or a notepad. As your child practice a lot with these writing materials they would get better and better at writing. Another effective step you can take is to have your child read out what he has written.

Lastly, encourage your child, telling him that you are proud of him and go along to paste some of the things he wrote in his bedroom or on the refrigerator.

Different objects and shapes

Another thing your child will learn during kindergarten is how to identify shapes like – triangle rectangle and other shapes. Also, they will be how to sort objects on the basis of their colours and shapes.

When your child is at home, revise with them the common shapes. Also, tell them to draw these shapes on a paper.


During kindergarten, your child will be taught how to tell the different days of the week and time which different activities is carried out. Of course, it going to be difficult for them to get a grasp on the concept of time, but as they keep learning they will master it.

At home, you can further help your child by telling them to tell you about the sun, moon, and morning, evening, today and yesterday.

Here you have it, the things your child is likely to learn in kindergarten. And if you want your child to do better, then you have to create time to teach him at home.

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