A Sneak Peek at What Your Child will Learn In An International Kindergarten

The early stage of a child’s life is full of excitement. Enrolling in an international kindergarten school in Singapore is an impressive milestone for your child. You see, kindergarten school is a solid foundation which a child will build on as he grows up.

But during the kindergarten years of a child, parents are usually concerned as to what their child will have to learn and master as well as how they can help their child develop much quicker.

When you child official starts going to a school, you are going to be amazed as to how much he will grow and improve in the coming month. But in the initial stages of your child kindergarten program, it is going to be a challenge for you to teach your child about how he can build confidence, follow instructions and make friends. If you are able to handle this challenge head on, you will be delighted to watch as your child’s vocabulary, social and math skill improve.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the things your child is likely to learn during kindergarten as well as things you could do at home to further develop your child academically.


During kindergarten, your child will learn how to write the alphabets in upper as well as lower case. Also, they will be taught the right sounds for each of the letters of the alphabet. Even more, they will learn to identify and read 2 and 3 letter words which are also known as sigh words.

To make things stick, parents should read out loud to their child. Doing this will build a strong bond between a parent and a child.

When choosing a book, parents should consult a librarian to suggest books that are not too difficult to understand and will stir up their emotions. It might interest you to know that children learn best through repetition; so, when you read a book frequently, your child will get accustomed to certain words. The next course of action will be to make your child say those words when he sees it anywhere.


At school, your child will be thought about the vowels and consonant sounds. Later they go on to learn how to write very simple and short sentences.

When your child is home, give him a box that is filled with materials for writing such as paper, crayons, marker or a notepad. As your child practice a lot with these writing materials they would get better and better at writing. Another effective step you can take is to have your child read out what he has written.

Lastly, encourage your child, telling him that you are proud of him and go along to paste some of the things he wrote in his bedroom or on the refrigerator.

Different objects and shapes

Another thing your child will learn during kindergarten is how to identify shapes like – triangle rectangle and other shapes. Also, they will be how to sort objects on the basis of their colours and shapes.

When your child is at home, revise with them the common shapes. Also, tell them to draw these shapes on a paper.


During kindergarten, your child will be taught how to tell the different days of the week and time which different activities is carried out. Of course, it going to be difficult for them to get a grasp on the concept of time, but as they keep learning they will master it.

At home, you can further help your child by telling them to tell you about the sun, moon, and morning, evening, today and yesterday.

Here you have it, the things your child is likely to learn in kindergarten. And if you want your child to do better, then you have to create time to teach him at home.

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